YMCA, as we all know, stands for Young Men’s Christian Association. It was founded on 6th June 1844 by George Williams in London. This organization is based in Geneva, Switzerland with more than 58 million beneficiaries from 125 national associations. YMCA’S primary goal is to put Christian principles into practice. This goal is achieved by developing a healthy spirit, mind and body. This organization has shown rapid growth and has become worldwide movement founded on principles of muscular Christianity.

30 DAY CHALLENGE- YMCA of Greater Louisville

It’s composed of 3 exercise challenges namely;

  • Abdominals
  • Thighs and Glutes
  • Arms

You have the freedom of choosing any of the above. The challenge is simple and yields positive character that will enormously help you along the way. Following simple daily program not only reinforces your confidence but also motivates you to press on.

You will be provided with exercise sheets with daily exercises in it – inclusive of rest days. You are then expected to adhere to the daily routine either in your home or the wellness center.

Upon completion of the challenge, you are required to plan an appointment with the center’s healthy living coach and do the exercises assigned for the 30th day. After, there is a prize to be won.  This challenge charges $10 regardless of whether one is a YCMA member, program member or a guest.


The challenge comes at the end of summer where a large number of people are busy. Then, Work takes over, and we tend to neglect our body fitness. This challenge, therefore, presents an excellent time to regain your health and fitness goals starting October 1st all the way to December 31st.

The aim of the challenge

  • To complete 50 times workouts: this implies a weekly average of 4 times exercise.

Registration is from October 1st to November 5th.  You are required to log your workouts on the tracking sheet. Upon filling the first sheet, you qualify for the halfway mark. Then submit to the welcome desk of any of the Jefferson city area YMCA locations, and you will receive exceptional t-shirt exclusively to finish strong challengers.  Also, after 25 workouts, one can also receive a t-shirt.

As soon as you complete the 50 times workout,  turn in your completed sheet, and you will enter into YMCA prizes draw inclusive of personal training sessions and free membership months. You can also earn bonus entries when you check into YMCA on Facebook after the workout.

The charges are $20. There is no better way of finishing the year stronger and fitter other than being part of 50 times workout.

Young Men’s Christian Association fitness challenges offer everyone an exciting opportunity to the world of fitness and healthy living. The organization charges a small fee, but the outcome is unbelievable. The challenges organized are simple, and anyone can participate in them at any given time. Also, these challenges enhance youth development and social responsibility. A life in YMCA member fitness challenge is an all positive life.