Trainer Relevance in 2017 is Questionable?

We’ve received some interesting feedback with our previous discussion. We’re quite thankful for that! One of the topics that met with a number of requests is to discuss trainers in the YMCA setting. This is quite understandable as those who are wholly invested in the YMCA experience want to get the most of it. A trainer will always be available to help any member reach their health goal.

However, there has been some views that express the contrary. They wonder, with the availability of information regarding best health practices, are trainers still relevant? While YMCA does encourage their members to be proactive about practices and routines that the deem most suitable for them, having a trainer can only benefit members more. How so?

A YMCA Trainer Is Up To Date With Best Practices

In the branches we’ve consulted for our sustainability research, we got to converse with several trainers and asked them regarding new age practices and how it may affect them. In the age of online and digital learning possibilities, YMCA trainers have made it a priority to be discerning. They take the time to learn new trends and develop their own findings based on their own experiences.

Trainers are still crucial in the quest for a healthier lifestyle. They come armed with the necessary hands-on experience to help members carve out a path that best suits them. Yes, information is more readily available to whoever seeks it. However, there is really no replacing the human element. The human interaction that people often crave. Sadly, it also because of technological advancements that people are often feeling disconnected from others and their community.

A YMCA Trainer Is A Cause-Driven Leader

A trainer isn’t just someone who encourages people. A YMCA trainer is also a cause-driven leader who will employ time tested methods in each session. Strong leadership helps to encourage long-term change in the younger set of members. Trainers are and have always been driven to espouse the four core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, and caring upon every person they come across.

It isn’t just about having a healthy body. It’s also about having a healthy outlook on life and becoming a positive addition to the community. With society becoming increasingly agitated, it is even more important that positive leaders exist in our lives. It is crucial to be able to reach out and make a connection at a deeper level.

One of the best things about the YMCA experience is that the organization is your partner in your growth both in body and in personal development. Recently, diversity and inclusion are both important topics that have dominated the strata of conversation. YMCA trainers understand this and strive to incorporate leadership driven competencies in their interactions with both the youth and the adult members of this organization.

So even in the year of 2017, trainers are still quite relevant. In fact, having a trainer has never been quite as relevant as it is today. The entire process of staying relevant falls under the category of self-development and by working to do so, trainers are not only enhancing their teaching skills, they’re bettering themselves, and their community as a whole.