Top unexpected benefits of working out

In the last post, we talked about actions you can take to encourage yourself to work out. Well, if you haven’t found any reason that motivates you to start a healthier life, you should read the following benefits of exercising. You may not see it right now but being active can change your life forever and you’ll be grateful.

The most important thing isn’t losing weight or having that “beach body”, exercising has more benefits and meaning than those aspects, from your daily happiness to your mental health. Regular training is a habit that everybody should have to enhance the quality of life, so do not be discouraged, you can do it!

Here you have some surprising benefits of exercising that you probably did not know:

  1. Stress-free. As soon as you start walking on the treadmill or in a cross trainer, your tension will start to blow off completely. Exercising is like a soothing, it will increase some chemicals in your brain that will help you to be a stress-free person. Is a fact that working out will decrease any negative feeling as anxiety, depression, etc. Plus, exercising frequently produce positive feelings and thoughts that will reduce your perception of pain.
  2. Improves learning. Yes, that’s right. Exercising will increase chemicals in your brain called growth factor that makes easier learning. When you play tennis or you dance, you’re challenging your brain because he needs to coordinate and improve your capacity. So, you don’t have to be in a gym if you don’t like it, choose any sport or activity that you’ll enjoy and you’ll notice great changes in your life.
  3. Boost self-esteem. When you make exercising a habit, you’ll start feeling better about yourself. Every time you look yourself in the mirror, you’ll feel a confidence you didn’t have before. Doesn’t matter how intense your workout is, from running to go to a gym, any activity will make you feel better about your body image.
  4. Better skin. Working out can be the best thing for your skin. Every time you exercise you’re increasing the blood flow to your body, which means your skin is receiving a new dose of nutrients and oxygen. The most effective exercises to ameliorate your skin are those where you challenge your muscles with your own bodyweight. Example: planks, lunges, and any resistance activity.
  5. Refine memory. Regular physical activity will help you to boost your memory and learn new things. While you’re exercising you’re producing cells that are the hippocampus responsible for your memory. Exercising will reduce your chances to suffer ay memory disease like Alzheimer’s.
  6. Better nights. Working out on a daily basis will help you to sleep faster and have comfortable nights improving your quality of sleep. Is recommended to do it early inasmuch as when you exercise at night, you’ll boost your energy. Find the perfect spot during your day to make sure you’ll have pleasant nights.

What do you think? Are you ready now to change your life for better? Cheer up!