The Importance of Sustainability

In line with the discussion in the previous post, we’ll take a more in-depth discussion on sustainability. In the recent decade, more and more organizations are coming to understanding the need for sustainability. To begin with, the concept of sustainability—particularly for an organization, is a complex one. The sustainability of an organization is often misunderstood and is usually believed to be related to the financial aspect of an organization.

This is the usual misconception as when an organization is no longer sustainable the symptoms mostly reflect itself in the group’s finances. Just what is sustainability anyway? Sustainability is the concept of a natural system function that must remain diverse and able to produce the needs of a system in order to retain its balance. In business, the concept of sustainability becomes known as corporate sustainability. This would be the management and coordination of environmental, social, and financial demands and issues to secure responsible, ethical, and continued success. In order for YMCA to continue its presence, it needs to meet their triple bottom line.

Corporations, organizations, and others can enjoy some very clear benefits to adopting a sustainable business plan for themselves. Adopting a sustainable business practice will save money in the long run. Employing technologies or practices that cut down the waste in energies and resources will better generate income. This occurs since the employees or different department members keep their energies directed to better projects, keeping their time productive. Keeping the concept of sustainability as an overall theme in your marketing concepts can and will boost an organization’s market share. When an organization trims the fat, so to speak, their better processes will put forth a stronger and positive reputation that will attract the interest of smart investors, new customers, and even the information hungry media.

An even more attractive benefit to maintaining a sustainable market plan in an organization is that it will help attract and maintain employees. A business or organization with a clear direction and clear sustainable practices will be like a platter of honey for eager and highly qualified employees.

A good example of an organization that is currently reaping the rewards of sustainability practices is Disney. They integrated environmental practices when the decided to run their trains on biodiesel. This helped show that Disney was committed in creating a sustainable resource to keep their trains running for a long period that would not up their operational costs. This showed investors that Disney would be looking for more sustainable means and will be around for much longer.

The YMCA truly needs to enact clear and effective sustainable practices in all their branches to lower their operational costs and to attract new members and investors. Their goal should be to enact practices that will extend the timeline for the return of investment but once initiated will lead to an increase in their profits. There might be a bit of a spike on costs for now but will lead to an enhanced performance across the board in all aspects of their business.