Take Advantage of Your YMCA Membership

Previously, we’ve tackled the methods in which the YMCA can improve their sustainability. Now, we turn our attentions to helping our audience with their YMCA experience. Today, we’ll discuss the ways in which you can take advantage of your YMCA membership.

We’ve established that the YMCA is more than just a gym–it is a point that the YMCA itself has been pushing to its audiences. It’s goal is to lead its members to healthier and happier lives using the YMCA resources available for use.

Take advantage by establishing and maintaining a schedule

A lot of members neglect the opportunity to get fit and healthy as they may think they’re ‘too busy’ or ‘don’t have enough time’. However, a focused mindset is necessary at achieving success. You can fully take advantage of your YMCA membership by setting a clear schedule of when to go and sticking to it.

Let’s say you pick out Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday to work out. Establishing hours within those days and keeping to that schedule will ensure that you are actually getting the workout you need even if it’s a small start.

Take advantage by making use of the childcare services

A common excuse used by members who have children is that there is no one to mind their children. YMCA have staff that are more than happy to watch your child for you while you work out. Members can take advantage of the childcare services available at the branches of YMCA.

It is important to never forget that family membership includes access to childcare. Competent staff are on-hand at no extra charge to mind and entertain your children while you can get started on your health routine. The kids are given a great time at a safe, educational, and enriching environment while you become good examples of being healthy. Also, working out is a good way to battle the stress of parenting.

Take advantage by actively seeking feedback and asking questions

It has been a common sight that after a health class, members are rushing out the door. Members can take advantage of their membership more by sticking around after classes and actively seeking feedback or by approaching the instructors with any concerns.

Not only will this improve your personal routine, you can also help improve the class by offering feedback. If approaching the instructor isn’t your thing, you can fill out a comment card. These are located on the fitness desk and by the front desk. YMCA strives to constantly improve their services and you can help them reach this by offering your thoughts and questions.

Take advantage by getting the whole family involved

It is common knowledge that activities are more fun when shared with loved ones. So a pretty good way to take advantage of your membership is getting the whole family involved. Having your partner along with help keep motivate up for the whole of the routine. Having your kids see your seriousness as getting or staying healthy, it’ll lay the foundation for their own healthy lifestyles.

Children and teens can join the many different programs available for the youth like team sports, the YMCA camp for the summer, or even an after school program. Doing age-appropriate workouts is a great way to live healthy lives.

With this, it’s time to get started on a healthier routine for the new year!