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Subject: Re: eligibility for funding

Ms. (Funding Contact),

You put up a PDF file on the EPA’s website called “Accelerating Solar Energy at the Local Level.”  I was searching for possible funding avenues for the non-profit, YMCA organization. The 3rd page of your power-point is titled “Recovery Act Financing Options for Solar.” I was wondering which if any possibilities were open for the YMCA. The pdf can be found by searching the words “recovery act financing
options setup” on google.  Please let us know.  Thank you,

Team InnoVerde



To: Team InnoVerde

Subject: Re: eligibility for funding

There may still be some funding available through EECBG (you’d need to ask your local jurisdiction) or the State Energy Program (you’d need to ask your state).

Every solar installation gets the 30% federal tax credit so you will get that.

The others listed on slide 3 likely do not apply.

Depending on where you’re located, the best bet for a solar project on a non-profit facility (assuming you’re talking solar electricity instead of solar hot water) would be a third party power purchase agreement (PPA) which can be arranged through many different solar companies. This allows you to pay for the electricity over time instead of purchasing the system up front, and allows a third party to pass
along the tax benefits to you in the form of lower cost.  You may also reach out to my contact Jake, who does HVAC in Albany, NY.  I helped him with the PPA for his photo-voltaic solar setup; I will give him a heads up that you may call.

A solar hot water system could be a good solution for a YMCA if it has a pool that needs heating. PPA’s for solar hot water are not common so in that case you’re looking at an upfront purchase. Depending on what state you’re in there are varying rebates and incentives for solar hot water. If the email indicates you’re in NY, you’re in luck – NYSERDA has pretty good incentives.

I recommend you get in touch with local installers or a local solar organization like NYSERDA for more info.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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