Easy, Nutritious Snacks for a Healthy Body

Whether or not you are a health freak, maintaining a healthy body is a vital reality. The individuals across the world nowadays are seen getting more concerned about their overall health & well-being. As such, they keep looking for the best (sometimes the quickest & the simplest) ways to keep themselves healthy. We live in a rapidly-pacing world. With minimal to no time left for our health & well-being, it is vital that we adopt the easiest ways of remaining at the pinnacle of our health.

In this post, we will help you understand some of the top, easy nutritious snacks or food items that are perfect for a healthy body. Stock up these healthy food items in your house now:

  • Pumpkin Seeds: Also referred to as “Pepitas”, the pumpkin seeds are the great sources for a high-protein diet. Having around 7 grams of protein per serving, the pumpkin seeds are your protein haven. Having no sugar content, these seeds serve as great add-ons on salads, cottage cheese, yogurt, or oatmeal for a healthy snack time.


  • Cottage Cheese: Having tons of casein –around 28 grams in a single serving or cup, cottage cheese is a great bed-time snack. Casein –found in cottage cheese, serves the function of a slow-digesting protein. Therefore, it is considered quite healthy to consume cottage cheese before bed. However, while buying cottage cheese, you must go through the label carefully as some brands might contain a lot of sodium content.


  • Celery: Being around 95 percent water, celery makes it for a perfect low-carb diet or snack. Celery is also a great source of Vitamin K which is helpful in strengthening bones. You can fill celery with nut or peanut butter for an amazing snack. Otherwise, you can also slice out the same and then, add the slices to your favorite salads.


  • Mixed Nuts: A great source of instant energy and a favorite snack amongst many across the world, the mixed nuts have tons of health benefits for your body & mind. Nuts like cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds, and pistachios add more protein to your diet. These also enhance the level of unsaturated healthy fats to your diet which is vital for the overall development of the body & mind. If you are checking on your salt consumption, then you can read the label before buying any pack of mixed nuts.


  • Frozen Grapes: If you are having intense sugar cravings or you love sugar to the core, these subzero frozen grapes are the ideal snacks for you. You can spread whole grapes on a baking sheet and freeze them until firm. Store these in a zipper-locked bag and eat while you have sugar cravings. Red grapes tend to have more antioxidants in comparison to the green ones.


  • Dried Fruits: Dried fruits serve to be a great fix for the sweet fix. In this context, you can consider eating dried plums as they have lots of antioxidants.


Try out these easy, healthy snacks for ensuring yourself a nutritious diet throughout!